What should be done if the certain type of car is not included in the offer?
- Please send us an email information containing the brand, model, type (sedan, HB, Kombi), the year of production and marking generation eventually. Please leave the e-mail address to contact. We will do our best to find the right car and make the suitable set. When the set is ready, we will send you an information by e- mail to your mailbox.


Why my credit card is rejected?
- The most common reason for rejecting the payment is the insufficient limit (or the lack of it) for online payment transactions. Please contact your bank or make adequate changes (the limit) through a system of trading in your bank.


What if I want a different set than the one offered on the site?
- Please contact us by our e-mail address or call us. We will try to adjust the set on request of the client.


When could I expect receiving the package?

- The shipping in Poland takes about 24 working hours. Usually all packages are delivered the next working day.



 How are the sets made?

  • Kits proposed by our shop utilize the surface of packed luggage in the most optimal way. During planning the sets we take into account irregularities in the trunk. We aim to fill the surface contour on the floor. Adjusting the height in certain sets of bags depends on:)
  • A ram closing a tailgate)
  • The thickness of the tailgate and any parts connected to the flap)
  • The height and mechanisms to secure the luggage compartment (combi)

We aim to make each set diversified in items used for it. Usually, each set includes asymmtric trvel bags on wheels with telescopic handle and sports bags or/and air bags.


I have a rare car and I need an individual set. What should I do?
- In this case, make an appointment by calling us or by an e-mail. Then we will invite you to our office where make an individual measurement and selection of bags.


How can I pay personally?
When receiving the product personally in our shop you can pay in cash or by credit card.


When can I pick up the order?

- You are welcome to receive your order from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM



Can I have bags with my own logo?
We realise orders for bags of client’s own label if the amount is more than 120 pieces of a single bag. Such orders are priced individually. The person ordering is obliged to submit a document confirming the right to use and dispose of the certain logo.
Completion date is set individually.