Cookies policy

What are the files "cookies" and what are necessary?

Through cookies, you should understand the information data, particularly text files, stored in the terminal equipment of the users intended to use of the websites. These files allow you to recognize the user's device and view personalized for the user Web site. "Cookies" are part of the HTTP protocol used for communication with the Web server and browser consist of: identifying the key name, value, and life time after which the browser should erase the "cookie" file. IAI does not set a cookie in a way that causes their different than typical service provided for working in Web browsers.


Cookies are used to customize the content of the websites to your preferences and optimize the use of the websites. They are also used to create anonymous statistics with the exception of the personal identification of the user.

What types of cookies throws a

On Web pages, apply two types of "cookies". "session" and "persistent".

  • Permanent Cookies - remain on the user's device by the time specified in the parameters of "cookies" or until they are manually deleted by the user.
  • Session Cookies - remain on the user's device until you log off the website or disable the software (Web browser). This type of cookies we do not within the standard set cookies.
  • Cookies used by integrated by the shop services, mostly for example. Google Analytics including, in particular, users of the website are subject to their own privacy policy.


IAI usually sets the following cookies:

  • "client" and "_IAI_AC"-these are the cookie with the session ID with time life 1 day and 7 days.
  • 'page_counter' count the amount of viewed pages that can be used by the client to the built-in and custom JavaScript that perform certain actions (for example, limiting the amount of displayed at once ads) with a time of 1 day.
  • "affiliate" customer login (shop partner), who, in the framework of the affiliate program the user came to the store and set only in such a case, the time of life 90 days.
  • If the shop uses the so-called cart sharing between shops in the cookies are set for other domains. If cookies contain personal data?


If cookies contain personal data?

IAI standard does not save personal data in cookies files.


Is it possible to delete the "cookies"? 

Standard Web browsers by default allow placing "cookies" files on the device. These settings can be changed in such a way as to block the automatic file support "cookies" in the settings of your Web browser or inform them each time you transfer to your device. Detailed information about the options and how to handle "cookies" are available in the settings of your Web browser. Restriction of the use of "cookies" will prevent you from making purchases online and can disrupt some of the options, in particular those which require the user to take some action before it will display the specified content.