KJUST Sp. z o.o.
ul. Sosnowiecka 91,
31-345 Kraków
NIP: PL9452192913

hereinafter referred to as seller.
The company is entered into the national court register kept by the District Court for the city of Kraków Office XI, under the number 0000615973.


Working days-all days of the week from Monday to Friday. Public holidays, shall not be taken into account.

Delivery time-is the time in which store will complete and send an order or shall complete and deliver the ordered products to the point of receipt of orders.

Point of receipt orders is the premises KJUST, in which you can receive the goods reserved for personal purchase by the customer. Addresses of collectors orders are on the website, inter alia, in the "contact us" tab.

Pro-Forma Invoice – invoices are issued in order to obtain a donation or as a confirmation of the order. Not accounting evidence referred to in section 12(1). 3. Regulation of the Minister of Finance on tax revenues and expenses ledger carry out (Dz. u. z 2003 No. 152, item of 1475)

The consumer is a natural person who has entered into an agreement at a distance or off-premises for unrelated directly to your business or professional.

Seller KJUST Company leads online shop

The agreement concluded at a distance is the agreement concluded with the consumer in the framework of a structured system of contracts at a distance, without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication up to and including the time of conclusion of the contract.


Orders can be placed:
  1. 24 hours a day via the website
  2. At the point of receipt of orders. Load points addresses are available on the procurement website.
  3. Telephone (Customer Service Section)

The information contained on the store's website are not an offer within the meaning of article 3. 66 of the Act of 23 April 1964 – Civil Code (hereinafter: "civil code"), but an invitation to tender within the meaning of article 3. 71 of the civil code. The customer shall be notified of the acceptance of the order for execution by the receipt of an e-mail message to the address given on the form. If the product is not available, or the implementation of the contract is impossible with any other cause, the customer will be informed immediately about the non-execution of the contract.

Due to the lack of registration via a login and password, orders through the online store require the prior authorization of the client, by activating the link the client sent to the e-mail address indicated when you registered when placing your order.

As a general rule the moment of conclusion of the contract of sale between the client and the seller is received by the customer notification of acceptance of the order for execution.

In the case of notes, the item is sent to the address indicated by the customer in the order. Requires complete address with postal code, which is to be sent and a contact phone number of the person receiving the shipment.


  1. Prices on the website include VAT and are served in Polish Zloty, or in Euro, if on the main page you have selected the price information in the Euro, however, on the territory of the Polish sale is implemented in Polish Zloty.
  2. Prices located on individual products and kits do not include the cost of delivery.
  3. The price of a binding and final price of the product is indicated on the side of the at the time of order by the customer, in addition to the confirmed in the shopping cart and email confirming submission of your order. Information on the total amount to be paid (possibly at the expense of delivery) is presented once the Customer the choice of form of delivery of the order and payment. The cost of delivery (if there is) calculated in proportion to the price of products on the invoice or receipt.


  1. Changes in the order the client can make until the package package.
  2. Changes can be made by contacting our Customer Service Department (see the "contact us" tab)
  3. Changes may apply to opt out of some or all of the order. If the payment for the goods was made in advance that repayment will occur on the client's account (within 14 days), from which the payment was made.


Pay for your order you can make:
Once the order is received at the point of reception of orders:

  1. By cash;
  2. By bank transfer to account (PLZ) no.: 51 1240 4432 1111 0010 6788 3823 in Bank PEKAO S.A.

When the order is sent:

  1. Personally in cash (download)-upon receipt of the order from an employee performing courier service to deliver the package.
  2. Through a system of fast money transfers.
  3. By bank transfer to account (PLZ) no.: 51 1240 4432 1111 0010 6788 3823 in Bank PEKAO S.A.

To avoid delays in posting and in order to properly identify the transfer, in the title, you must provide your order number.

Order will be started after the receipt by the seller to pay for the order.


Delivery time can be specified for each item. This is an indicative time counted from the moment of acceptance of the order for the implementation to date of sending a package or delivery of the ordered item to the point of receipt of orders. Where in the order are the positions for which the delivery is different, then the order is realized as the position for which you have to wait the longest. In the event of the inability of the contract within the time limits set out originally on the side of the store, the customer will be informed immediately, together with the designation of a new delivery date, not more than 30 days from the date of receipt of the order. The customer can in this case, cancel the order, as well as the parties may agree to a longer term of the contract.


The seller undertakes to provide the customer ordered thing without physical defects that reduce its value or utility, with which the client was provided during ordering and able to complete as well.

To report a complaint, you should refer to the stipulations in the refunds and Claims on the website. and follow the instructions.

The seller within 14 working days we will investigate your inquiry to Customer complaints.

The conditions for the examination of the complaint:

    1. Delivery of the defective product together with proof of purchase or a copy of the complaint form and to the point of receipt of orders, from which it was received, or if it was an order, you must return the defective product along with the document.:

      KJUST – Centrum Logistyczne
      ul. Sosnowiecka 91
      31-345 Kraków
      "the complaint No (insert order #)"


  1. In the case of a complaint on behalf of the client is the seller will repair the client advertised goods or replace the full blown and sends at his own expense. In the absence of the possibility of repair and replacement, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract, and the seller will refund to the client the total payment for goods advertised within 14 days. The client can also instead of drifting away from the contract-require an appropriate reduction of the price.
  2. Shipments cash on delivery will not be accepted. The cost of shipping your goods will be returned to the customer by the seller via wire transfer to the bank account indicated by the client.






  1. By entering your personal data in the store, or when placing an order by phone or by e-mail, the customer expresses consent to the inclusion of their personal data in the database and their processing for the purposes of the contract.
  2. Personal data are protected in accordance with the law of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (OJ l. Nr 133 poz. 883) in such a way that access to them by third parties.
  3. In accordance with the personal data protection act, Customers have the right to access to personal data, modify them and delete. Lack of consent to the processing of personal data makes it impossible to fulfill the contract of the client.


  1. Before the end of the order procedure (summary of the contract), the customer is informed about conditions of  conclusion of the contract with the seller. In the case of acceptance of the terms of the agreement, the client  confirms that fact, as well as the very fact become familiar with the terms of the agreement, by selecting the  appropriate options in an interactive form. Confirmation of the conclusion of the agreement with the seller and  its conditions is also be sent immediately to the email address provided by the customer in the order. In  addition, confirmation of the conclusion of the agreement and its conditions are sent to the client in writing at  the time of delivery of the ordered goods.
  2. The seller tells you that a customer who is a consumer has, inter alia, the following possible use of out-of-court  redress and complaint-handling ways:-the client may request the provincial inspector of the inspection with the  application for the initiation of mediation on the amicable settlement of the dispute between the client and the,
    – The client may request the Permanent Arbitration Court of Audit operates the consumer with an application to  settle the dispute arising from the contract with of the agreement,
    – The customer can get free help on the settlement of the dispute between the client and the using with free assistance district (urban) the Ombudsman, consumers or social  organization, to which statutory tasks to be consumer protection ( Russian Consumer, The Polish  Consumer Association). Tips are provided by the Federation of Consumers in a free consumer hotline number  800 007 707 and field offices whose addresses are indicated on the website URhttp://www.federacja-,tu-znajdziesz-pomoc.html and by the Polish consumer association email:
    – the necessary information and help the customer will receive on the website of the Office of competition and  consumer protection at
  3. The presence of the goods on the pages of the seller shall not constitute an offer within the meaning of the civil  code. In matters not regulated by the rules of applicable provisions of the civil code, as well as the provisions of  the Act of May 30, 2014, on the rights of the consumer.
  4. In the case of the disposal of the client sending goods outside the border of the Polish, in the implementation of  the agreement shall apply the law of the Republic of Poland.
  5. This Regulation shall apply from 01 July 2016.