Free returns

  • You have 33 days ( from the date of the receipt of consignement) to acquaint with the quality of delivered goods.
  • If you are not satisfied with received products, make a return in the system, our courier will receive the package from you and we will reimburse the value of the product price within 14 days
  • We bear the costs of the shipment
  • Service applies only to purchases worth more than a one off 399 zł

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Terms of use of free return action

  • A customer who made the purchase for an amount above 399 zl have the right to return the product within 33 days from the date of the delivery at the seller’s expense, using the courier substituted by the seler

  • The return should be done by a panel in the online store. Then tag a field ADD NOTES TO REFUND and enter your preffered date of receiving the package by courier, which will be substituted by the seller and at expense of the company. Write the slogan FREE RETURN. The preferred date of receiving the package cannot be earlier than 2 working days from the date of return on the panel online store. In the "Choose how to return the goods’’ select the option: DELIVERED BY HAND TO ONE OF THE OPERATION RETURN SPOT. After ending the process of the return in the panel shop it is needed do print the return form and attach it to the return package. It will be the base for a refund.

  • The action is valid from 01.2016 to appeal. The returned product cannot be used or have any traces of use. It must have a factory pinned tags.

  • The free return action applies only to cases, in which the seller provides the courier. Costs of delivery realized in other form than offered will not be returned.